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Accelerating Action through Frictionless Engagement

Blog Post

Sharon Liu

Senior PMM
Accelerating action with Invisible Portal, your activity hub

Ever notice how some engagement processes just seem to be littered with friction? What if you could whip up a solution, as tailored as a custom-made suit, to tackle those issues head-on?

When friction is foe

Picture those little friction points along your customer and partner engagement journeys. They're like mischievous troublemakers, snatching away efficiency and turning satisfaction into a game of hide-and-seek.

This can really put a damper on the experience for your dear constituents. And no matter how important the task is, getting them to act can sometimes feel like trying to move a mountain. And even when they do, they're taking the scenic route – not the most straightaway path you had in mind. Your customers and partners end up resorting to old-school ways. Although it’s not the smoothest ride, it’s simply what they know best.

If these exchanges contain sensitive files or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the chance of unexpected detours increases, with data wandering into places it has no business being in.

Communication doesn’t need to jigsaw through these confusing twists and turns. You're doing your best to smooth out the snags with the tech tools you've got. But either those tools can't shape-shift into the solutions you need, or getting them to do so requires serious magic from internal and external technical teams. And let's face it, we'd all rather spend less time pulling rabbits out of hats.

The salient sidekick

Imagine waving goodbye to fitting square pegs in round holes. Instead, say hello to a composable application that serves as your engagement sidekick – amplifying all investments and pushing productivity throughout.

Your apps, portals, websites, phone lines, chat channels – all your interaction channels – stay right where they belong. But now, they're turbocharged gateways to a secure digital world, finely tuned and purpose-built by you to bring every task to completion.
Whether reaching out or fielding requests, you meet everyone on their turf. Then, with an empathetic nudge, usher them through a series of dynamic prompts, straight lined towards resolution. It's like offering VIP self-service to your customers and partners for every touchpoint, from short micro-engagements to multi-phase journeys.

Better days ahead

Customer Experience Automation is like a gust of fresh tech air – it's the rapidly emerging category of solutions designed to light up real-time engagement. Imagine connecting those ever-changing digital front ends with super-smart automated backends, creating a seamless end-to-end approach that benefits all humans involved.

And here's the kicker: this shouldn’t be some complex code wizardry. It works best as a no-code zone, intended for your enterprise to swiftly adapt to shifting customer demands by avoiding long lead times and extra hands on deck.

All this jazz leads to one powerhouse goal: nailing operational excellence through the pure magic of transformative customer experiences.

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