UshurXSevere Weather Alerts

An UshurX Solution Pack

Severe Weather Alerts

Deliver empathetic policyholder support with real-time communications – before and after the storm

  • Warn customers ahead of storms and continue support in the same channel
  • Provide guidance for loss prevention and how to file a claim
  • Pre-built to minimize lift and expedite deployment
  • HIPAA-secure to safeguard sensitive documents and data

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1Alert & Inform
Alert customers in the path of a storm
Check in with customers after a weather event
Check in on customers and provide help for filling a claim
Provide guidance to protect property, report losses, and document damages
Offer help with repairs, housing, food and transport
Offer best practices to document damage and repairs
Share how to reach help when needed
Share support protocols to lessen the need for onsite appraisals

Customer Experiences, Transformed

A proven, no-code, HIPAA-secure claims experience driven with Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) capabilities
Claim Payment Notification
Claim Payment
Payment OptionsWe are preparing a payment for your claim.How would you like to receive your payment?

Amount: $1,250.83
To be issued on: 1/19/2023
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Direct deposit to your bank account
Paper check sent by postal mail
Customized branding so customers know who contacts them.
A PIC & HIPAA-secure rich user experience designed to be intuitive and engaging
Minimal IT and no professional services needed
With integrated analytics to evaluate campaign effectiveness
Customized for each customer and reachable 24/7