Tower Insurance and Ushur:

Deeper Customer Relationships with Digital Engagement

It was a remarkable achievement in itself, made even more impressive by the circumstances. The team managed a remote solution deployment right at the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown — “A testament to how easy it is [to use Ushur].”

How on earth does a company founded in the 19th century when Queen Victoria was setting moral and dress codes, synonymous with Property and Casualty in New Zealand, identify itself as a digital challenger? Where does a carrier in a conservative, risk-averse industry look to when it’s seeking to shift the status quo?

Tower Insurance looks like a paradox. In reality, it’s the future of the insurance industry.

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Tower Insurance is a large general insurer operating in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Five years ago, it saw an opportunity to transform the way it delivered care.

A South Pacific storm. A global pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of customers in need. 1 month.

"It was the right platform at the right time. The web interface, the mobile platform, the automation — everything we were looking for in a product all came together in a single platform."

Read the Case Study to learn how a carrier reinvented itself and grew its business rapidly, 150 years into the game.

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