The Guide to Using SmartMail in Insurance

Ushur SmartMail: What is it?

Simple, Convenient, Easy

SmartMail is an easy to use, easy to implement Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) solution for carriers to introduce high-value automation into their inbound email. This begins with recognizing and routing email quickly and intuitively based on the content and attachments of the emails themselves. Whatever the email may contain, whether it is free-form text, with or without attachments or images, SmartMail uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan, classify, and route it to the proper location. SmartMail can detect information that is missing and immediately reach back to the sender with a secure process to obtain the additional data. SmartMail can extract the data from the message and enclosures to populate backend systems. SmartMail even provides contextual auto-responses to provide the customer with confidence their specific inquiry was understood.

SmartMail frees carrier employees from the tedious and repetitive burden of monitoring shared email boxes and reviewing email content, instead giving  them an opportunity to work on more fulfilling work. SmartMail uses Conversational AI with fine-tuned Machine Learning (ML) to scan and analyze high volume incoming emails and route each one to the appropriate person or department. For carriers, that could be millions of emails as simple as “claim status” or as complicated as an inquiry as to how to add drivers to their existing policies.