Proactive & Interactive Policy Communication Insurance Policy Renewal

Many insurance carriers rely on the Ushur HIPAA-secure omni-channel Customer Experience Automation platform to proactively communicate with policyholders and claimants. This demo showcases how Ushur supports an a insurer's customer through a policy renewal process using the HIPAA-secure Ushur Invisible App™.

This demo begins with a text alerting the policyholder about an upcoming renewal, offering options like autopay setup and inquiring about life events. The policyholder confirms a new baby, updates beneficiary information, and securely exchanges information via the Ushur Invisible App. The process includes two-factor authentication, customizable authentication processes, quick sharing of beneficiary information, and utilizing smartphone calendar functionality.

The insurance premium collection starts with autopay set up, followed by options for updating details like addresses using smartphone capabilities. The engagement can be ended or continued with options like speaking to an agent via click to call, with data shared to the carrier's contact center systems for seamless service.

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