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Case Study

PPS Drives Immediate Business Value through Member Engagement

Because it is a no-code solution and does not require a lot of development capacity, many of our mid-level business users have made headway into providing real solutions to the company when we have IT constraints.
Charlton Kiewitt, Sector CIO at PPS

The Challenge

Professional Provident Society Insurance Company (PPS) needed to automatically dispatch market value statements but with a minimal impact on their IT team who was fighting the repercussions of a cyberattack. Their reputation as a leader in customer experience and their desire to shield their members from the intricacies of their own internal systems meant that PPS needed a partner who could work quickly, and help them develop a solution that works end-to-end.

The Solution

In 2021, PPS launched AI-powered Ushur to empower self-servicing for its members and reshape its approach to customer engagement. PPS and Ushur originally started our partnership to ease the demand on IT and contact centers, and expanded to high-value interactions alike portfolio amendments. With Ushur Conversational Apps, Invisible App, and SmartMail, PPS was able to help members resolve queries on their own, provide supporting documents when needed, and circumvent the need to involve the PPS email triage team.

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