Health payer medicaid engagement

Increasing Medicaid engagement through digital self service

Customer Story

Large California-based Medicaid Plan


  • A large California-based Medicaid plan’s most urgent initial use case was to begin to support their member engagement for MediCal Redetermination
  • The first use case involved proactive outreach to their MediCal membership to secure permission to contact and verify contact data (such as details on members of a household as well as mailing addresses and cell numbers) that is now critical to support member redetermination education and process support / hand-holding
Update Member Address
Update Address
Select AddressReview the current member address and update if necessary.
Current member address
Medicaid Redetermination
Document Upload
Verification DocumentPlease take or upload a photo of your driver's license.
Select file to upload
546 MB


  • Automate interactions over text and Ushur’s Invisible App™
  • Began with English and Spanish language support and rapidly expanded (Ushur supports more than 60 languages)
  • After initial results, rapidly expanding to a large number of additional use cases across their member, provider and pharmacy journeys (redeterminaton / retention, acquisition, quality / health and wellness and more)

Success by the Numbers

3 week
contract signing to launch of first use case
members contacted within weeks of first launch
of their response rate goal achieved — far exceeding initial goals

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