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Ushur GenAI for member engagement in a ‘A Rising Risk Strategy’

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Uncover Rising Risks. Mitigate Rising Costs.

Technology is now ubiquitous, empowering health payers to adopt an evolved strategy to prevent rising costs. Ushur is proud to be mentioned as a sample vendor for Gen AI-based Member Engagement with its unique application of Convo AI and dynamic app-like experiences.

Gartner's Health Payer experts, Amanda Dall’occhio and Connie Salgy, share how AI can drive an innovative, proactive care management program in “Innovation Insight: A Rising Risk Strategy Delivers Care Management Gains.”

  • Identification: ML models identify rising risk groups over the next 5-10 years.
  • Stratification: Predictive modeling finds hidden opportunities from inconspicuous combinations.
  • Management: Gen AI creates thoughtful, actionable experiences for better member engagement.
  • Outcomes: Better ways to measure success are here, such as absenteeism over avoided events.

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