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Ushur accelerates the Total Experience for Healthcare and Life Sciences

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By Analysts: Faith Adams, Connie Salgy, Mark Gilbert

The healthcare and life sciences landscape is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead, organizations must adopt a comprehensive Total Experience (TX) strategy that enhances engagement for consumers, employees, and partners. The latest Gartner report, "HCLS Total Experience: Driving Engagement for Business Results in Healthcare and Life Science," offers valuable insights for achieving this transformation.

Key Findings:

  • Low Maturity in Consumer Experience: HCLS organizations lag behind digital giants and retailers in delivering the expected consumer experience.
  • Siloed Efforts: TX initiatives are often isolated, focusing on regulatory measures rather than holistic consumer, employee, and partner expectations.
  • Inside-Out Metrics: Most organizations prioritize metrics that benefit them, ignoring multi stakeholder perspectives.
  • Lack of Personalization: Many HCLS organizations lack a comprehensive personalization strategy.

Gartner sheds light on the crucial role Innovative technologies like Ushur play for driving HCLS TX. Learn more about the barriers to HCLS TX and discover practical recommendations and next steps for CIOs to overcome these challenges. Download the Gartner report now.

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