Intelligent Document Automation™

AI-Powered Document Processing for a faster and better customer experience

Automatically process emails, documents and forms in real-time while keeping customers in-the-loop through personalized Micro-Engagements™.
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What is Intelligent Document Automation?

Process documents in real-time, instead of waiting for days

Intelligent Document Automation makes it easy for enterprises to process data locked in customer-submitted files. Ushur uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to transform unstructured and semi-structured data into a machine-readable format.

Ushur makes doing business easy for insurance, financial services, and healthcare organizations, including processing documents in real-time instead of waiting for days. Intelligent Document Automation uses OCR to identify key data from documents and AI/ML to understand, extract and transform it for automatic updates into backend systems.

Liberate your knowledge workers from manually keying in data and following up with customers. Intelligent Document Automation from Ushur delivers a better, faster customer experience while supercharging your operations.

How Intelligent Document Automation works

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is key to the end-to-end customer journey


Important business information is hidden in emails and documents, inaccessible by usual automation tools.


Ushur AI/ML recognizes customer intent and classifies the document based on business rules.


The document is cleaned up and reconfigured into the appropriate machine readable format.


Important key values pairs are identified, and the data is extracted per use case requirements.


Ushur updates the data in your backend and notifies the customer of completion - resolving the case.


Customers are notified of missing documents or info and are given a secure link to submit their files or updates.


Unprocessed fields are corrected by humans, pattern matching, or API-based lookups from the back-end.

Intelligent Document Automation Use Cases



Banking & Financial Services

Pension contributions

Manual work is needed to reconfigure employee pension documents submitted by HR partners into a format compatible with backend systems.

Ingest the unstructured information in these documents from a secure portal and automatically transform in real-time, outputting structured, machine-readable data for downstream processing.

Claims adjudication

Medical claims submitted for repayment are often received via fax or email and contain sensitive information protected by HIPAA.

Automate this process to avoid errors, delays in payment, and risk of non-compliance – freeing the knowledge worker up for faster and more accurate decision making.

Account opening

Opening a bank account requires multiple applications and proof of records such as passports, utility bills, and invoices.

Automate every touchpoint from document intake to account setup to quickly onboard customers and enable agents to focus on building relationships.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Gathering Information to complete FNOL requests involve multiple documents and customer touchpoints.

Automate the entire FNOL interaction from the incident location – collecting accident images, license information, documents and incident data to update claim systems in real-time.

Patient preauthorization

Various customer details and medical records must be collected to authorize a service for payment.

Automation is key for time sensitive cases with immediate treatment. Shorten turnaround time while lowering operational cost by extracting and verifying the data against internal backend systems.

Loan origination

Applying for a loan is a document-intensive process with bank statements, W2s, and proof of employment.

Automate customer verification, application review, and customer follow-up for faster turnaround time, combating spikes in demand.

Key benefits of Intelligent Document Automation

Transform your customer experiences

Intelligent Document Automation transforms your customer experience, removing document-processing delays and shortening the time to ticket resolution.

Improve customer satisfaction

Informative updates and faster case resolution

Deliver straight-thru processing

Transform documents into machine-readable data

Speed up turnaround time

Automated repetitive knowledge work

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