Customer Experience Automation™ is the only solution purpose-built for customers

  • AI-driven to recognize customer intent and automate resulting workflows
  • Saves time and developer resources with no-code build, deployment, and management capabilities
  • Deploys solutions for key customer-centric use cases within weeks
  • Integrates across existing enterprise systems with API-first design
  • Omni-channel, CX-first, enterprise-grade, secure and compliant

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The customer-first platform for Customer Experience Automation™ 

A single platform for end-to-end customer experience automation
Two-way customer communications across multiple channels
Simple, purpose-built digital customer experiences
AI/ML powered platform
Low total cost of ownership
Fast time-to-value
Ushur CXA Platform
Conversational AI
Digital CX
No-Code Applications
Contact Center-As-a-Service
One of my favorite things about working with Ushur is just how quickly it went...the speed to market, to our market with our sales rep, the nimbleness of the was just so refreshing.
Jennifer DanielsNational Practice Leader Benefits
Technology and Partnerships

What can you achieve?

The results of Unum's digital-first CX automation

85%opt-in engagement rate
90%completion within 1 hour
50%completion within 5 min
42%of outbound calls eliminated
increase in NPS score

Ready to level up your Customer Experiences?

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