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What is Ushur?

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Published: Friday, Dec 16, 2022
Will RobertsSenior PMMUshurin

Ushur platform, an Introduction

People who first hear about the Ushur platform often ask what all can one do with the full suite of its capabilities. For better or for worse, people often have to deal with the answer that one can do pretty much anything. It’s a platform designed to let non-technical users build customer experiences that can be run once, twice, or a million times, and that leverage the pre-built capabilities that make those experiences cutting-edge and representative of a modern consumers experience.

The platform centralizes around a no-code flowbuilder by which users drag and drop each step of the experience. Users can use any number of pre-built modules, but altogether the small blocks of capabilities turn into a thorough experience representative of the quality enterprise customers demand.

A platform alone offers only so much value, which is why an API-centric architecture provides so much value to Ushur customers. The Ushur platform integrates with services like Salesforce, Zendesk, Twilio, or Amazon Connect. Those integrations extend the pre-built capabilities within the Ushur platform and make the experiences even more feature-rich and personalized. Ushur customers can serve up information from back-end systems, as well as persist data back to those same systems from customers. Altogether, that makes data exchange and gathering a hassle-free building experience.

Ushur platform integrations

Products on top of the Ushur platform represent pre-built technological capabilities to emulate well-known experiences like mobile applications and customer portals. Invisible App™, Invisible Portal™, Conversational Apps, and SmartMail package essential components to make solution-design with Ushur partners and your internal stakeholders easy, repeatable, and quicker.

Customer Experience Automation™

Ushur leads the category of customer experience automation (CXA) and has an opinionated point of view on the components and trajectory of the space. CXA, from our point of view, is the automation practice by which customers converse with brands in their natural language and all appropriate resulting process implications execute behind the scenes. Consider the scenario of reaching out to a customer and asking them how they are doing, and how easily they have access to food and shelter (a social determinants of health use case). With Ushur, customers (patients) can communicate in a natural dialogue, and Ushur can connect them to the local resources they need to achiever more stable housing and food. Ushur can also persist that data into the customer relationship management (CRM) system, so brands can track their past conversations and results.

Customer experience automation bridges the gaps opened by point or spot solutions. The bridges are created to cover siloes in businesses who all own different portions of their technology stacks. CXA differs from other spaces like robotic process automation in that it is designed to be end-to-end, natively.

Who do we speak to?

Ushur is designed with compliance and security in mind to service our customers handling sensitive data and transactions in the most intimate moments of their relationships with their customers, partners, and internal stakeholders. Our clients span insurance, healthcare, and financial services and we help them optimize their customer experience strategies in a time frame that make sense for them — projects that usually have to wait quarters or years can be started in weeks or months.

Participate in the Partner Program

Ushur partners with some of the most established technology providers in the enterprise space that have already realized that they need a customer-facing (consumer, partner, internal stakeholder) interface and automation solution. Across the insurance, financial services, and healthcare sectors, Ushur helps technology providers who are serving their industries expand their capabilities to include conversational AI, prepackaged app-like interfaces, and email triaging capabilities.

Ushur’s partner program is designed to make it easy for technology providers who need to move quickly with building customer experiences in an affordable and maintainable design. Help your customers create a CX strategy that reflects the profile and brand experience they want their customers to enjoy when interacting with them on a day-to-day basis.

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