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Ushur & Virtusa Partnership Brings Innovative CX Automation to Digital Transformation

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Ushur, the leading no-code digital Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform, and Virtusa, a global leader in guiding clients through the challenges of digital disruption, are excited to launch a new partnership.

Virtusa’s appetite for disruption comes from the teams and technology it has centralized in its business. The unique expertise that Virtusa has acquired helps their teams guide insurance carriers through turbulent transformations and leverage digital capabilities like those from Ushur’s AI-powered, no-code platform. Across Property and Casualty, Life and Annuity, and Group insurance, Virtusa prepares clients for the next revolution of technology in their core businesses — no matter what it may be.

The complex and regulated ecosystem of carrier technology solutions make digital transformation projects burdensome without technology and service providers like those brought to bear with this new partnership. The Virtusa and Ushur partnership launches digital transformation projects for insurance carriers into a new class of accelerated delivery because they are already enterprise-grade to the core.

Digital Transformation as a strategy for customer experience

Digital transformation replaces the unscalable and manual versions of insurance carrier processes with more-repeatable, technologically-driven solutions. Leaders in these industries are constantly looking for ways to reduce journey friction, accelerate development cycles, and cut operational expenses with digital innovation because time kills customer experiences.

Virtusa clients going through digital transformation efforts can now bank extra time by using the flexibility of machine learning (ML) thanks to the Ushur platform. When speaking with claimants, partners, customers, and other stakeholders, Virtusa clients need Ushur’s state-of-the-art engagement capabilities. With just a couple of clicks, Ushur and Virtusa clients can rely on conversational AI and machine learning so they no longer need to programmatically account for every possible path and route a customer could go.

CX often suffers from technology underinvestment, and both customers and employees already have elevated expectations of what technology-first solutions should look like – it should be easy and it should be fast. When it comes to making digital transformation real, customer experience excellence is a bigger hurdle than many others.

Enterprises already understand that digitization projects are essential if they currently rely on people-first processes for customer service. Scale of customer interactions is increasing, not decreasing. Even in the best of times, it can be hard to find enough of the right people to help triage at that scale. Additionally, people leave jobs, or switch companies, and competing for that customer service expert is a difficult path for achieving growth.

Building a practice around Customer Experience Automation™️ is a new and emerging strategy for adding automation to customer service functions, and can truly help enterprises accomplish their digital transformation goals.

What is Customer Experience Automation?

Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) is the interdisciplinary intersection of artificial intelligence, process automation, and conversational interfaces blended to optimize the customer experience and engagement.

Automation removes procedural barriers that prevent expedient resolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) uses historical data to understand and predict future behaviors. Customer experience is the product of two-way conversations where action matches the intent.

How The Partnership Benefits Carriers

Insurance carriers, and financial services organizations are already using digital-first strategies for interactions with members, customers, patients, agents, brokers, and providers, and they rely on partnerships like the one between Ushur and Virtusa.

Virtusa establishes a practice at each client for tackling customer experience projects and brings in the best-in-class technology needed to make delivering those a reality. Virtusa will use the Ushur CXA platform to engage directly with business users to better understand customer experiences, and then build out the digital representation of those customer experiences. The partnership brings the experts in digital transformation the kind of technological capabilities they need to make those conversations seamless

We want to say that Virtusa gets experts on digital transformation and Ushur gives them the tools to build customer experiences. The no-code capabilities mean they can easily get agreement from Virtusa clients.

Insurance Automation

Everyone involved in the insurance journey, from market development to service and administration, expects digital-first self-service to be available. Carriers with self-service-first principles will naturally rely on intelligent automation in the insurance journeys to engage with customers, claimants, brokers, adjusters, and providers.

Brands can improve digital customer engagement by leveraging the API-driven customer experience automation platform via integrations to make it the ideal technological bridge between consumers and the back office claims management, policy administration, underwriting, and billing systems.


The new partnership between Virtusa and Ushur highlights the capabilities of Ushur’s Customer Experience AutomationTM platform and puts it in the hands of the insurance carriers that Virtusa is guiding through digital transformation projects. Ushur applications can deploy in days, are easy to task for reuse, and are simple to deploy.

Virtusa expertise and technology, partnered with the Ushur customer experience automation platform, will help the industry's leading carriers tackle the challenges of new customer experience programs in the coming years. Together, this partnership will design and deploy the unique value-creating customer experiences that carrier customers have been waiting for.

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