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Ushur Integrates with Guidewire!

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James Nealon


What claim experience would you design if you could build an end-to-end policyholder or claimant journey with responsive conversational abilities and the ability to deploy that workflow across any channel? Thanks to the just-announced partnership with Guidewire, you can deploy that journey with just a few clicks.

Ushur is excited that we are soon to be listed on the Guidewire Marketplace, and will be joining the Property and Casualty (P&C) technology platform’s ecosystem of partners. Now enterprises with a Guidewire core system can use the Ushur ClaimCenter Accelerators for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and Workers Compensation (WC) claim acknowledgement to automate critical inbound and outbound customer and claimant conversations.

Guidewire ClaimCenter is a leading P&C claims management system. ClaimCenter enables adjusters to process and resolve claims faster by removing the friction from internal claims handling, with automated workflows powered by data. Ushur, by comparison uses drag-and-drop capabilities to make designing automated, 2-way customer conversations easy. Business analysts can build workflows that incorporate conversational artificial intelligence, something that used to require the expertise of data scientists. The Ushur canvas and single-click deploy drastically reduce the cost of building and enhancing critical high-value conversations across not only the claim, but entire insurance lifecycle.

“It’s hard to overstate the change that automating customer experiences can bring to any organization and the effect a successful and cost-effective digital transformation can have on a brand’s relationship with their customer” says Meredith Barnes Cook, Vice President of Industry Groups at Ushur. “Ushur focuses on making customer experiences intuitive and partnering with Guidewire means gathering data and starting claim conversations for auto and workers Compensation can be a part of this year’s digital transformation projects.”

A McKinsey report from 2020 on the State of P&C covers the key topic of costs in Property & Casualty and breaks down how generating productivity to match or exceed the costs is imperative for any carrier in the industry, “...the industry needs to reset its operational efficiency. In recent years, while labor productivity has risen, overall industry expense ratios have also increased.” Ushur’s partnership with Guidewire matches this demand in the industry. The integration maximizes existing core system investments in Guidewire by introducing a productivity layer for process automation and efficiency while interacting with customers and claimants. It uplevels customer experience while ushering P&C carriers through an agile digital transformation that will also reduce costs and improve carrier employee experience.

Bruce Holbert, Head of Global Channels and Partnerships for Ushur, describes this new listing as “a game changer for Ushur’s partnerships and the Guidewire install base.” He said, “the Guidewire customer base is an established group of P&C carriers who probably have years worth of digital transformation projects they plan to execute to improve their overall policyholder experience. Ushur’s platform with capabilities that make it easy to build, deploy, and manage intelligent automation workflows means they can attack those transformation plans at warp speed.”

Ushur’s integration listing on the Guidewire Marketplace includes extra details about the Ushur platform. The apps in the listing will immediately help carriers meet their customers in their preferred channels and ease friction-filled experiences.

If you have unanswered questions about the Guidewire partnership and the best use cases for Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation platform, reach out to us directly or schedule a demo.

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