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Top 5 intelligent Automation Questions Answered

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Intelligent automation is a comprehensive solution for digital transformation which combines AI, ML, and RPA technologies. The financial and strategic benefits of this technology are widely known and acclaimed, yet many companies have intelligent automation questions regarding its implementation and deployment. Keep reading to learn more about the Top 5 FAQ’s potential customers have about the Intelligent Automation adoption process and how Ushur can answer these uncertainties.

Intelligent Automation Questions:

1. Integrating this intelligent process automation solution into existing systems is requisite to fully automate the processes. How long is the typical deployment time including integrations?

We have had customers with complex systems of record integrations fully deployed in 1-2 months. The process typically starts with scoping out the data requirements needed, and then how that data will be transferred. Often, this is done through APIs or standard integrations with core systems which Ushur will provide.

2. I’ve heard RPA projects fail most of the time because the processes that are being automated change or become obsolete. How does Ushur help me solve for this scenario?

Our technology offers an automation analytics dashboard which continuously tracks user trends, behaviors, and adoption patterns. Any alarming patterns or trends will be reported to appropriate personnel, so that your company can make necessary adjustments to the processes before they become obsolete. Our intelligent automation platform highlights proactivity and being one step ahead at all times.

Our visual, workflow builder with drag-and-drop capabilities ensures that any modifications to the automations can be achieved in an expedient matter and by non-technical users.

3. We want to automate our processes once and use different channels (SMS, email, chatbot) to engage with our customers. Does Ushur support this model? If so, how?

This technology is designed to ease your employees’ lives, so our workflow builder, which can be handled by any employee regardless of their technical background, can stitch together a process which can be engaged on SMS, email, or web chatbots depending on what you prefer.

Furthermore, our customers are often using Ushur for deflection to preferred, lower cost channels. For example, with voice to text technology, Ushur is able to deflect customer calls to web or SMS based communication if the customer prefers, saving the company money and customers their time.

4. We want to engage with our customers via texting, but are worried about meeting the compliance requirements of TCPA. How can Ushur help us?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act limits the usage of automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages, and fax machines. To maintain the standards of the TCPA, we have text and email opt-in capabilities so customers have control over the messages they receive. Moreover, Ushur Visual Tools and APIs allow enterprises to distinguish the customers who have opted in by themselves and those who were added explicitly by the enterprises. Users can also opt out of receiving messages whenever they want. Once a customer opts out, Ushur will maintain their contact information on a blacklist.

Lastly, Ushur has a Do Not Disturb (DND) feature which limits the times when messages can be sent to an end user depending on user preference (i.e. restrictions on sending messages during the weekend). All of these capabilities are in place to protect the end user and ensure that our customers are TCPA compliant.

5. We have tried using AI/ML to auto classify, triage and route inbound email/voice/text, but those projects have been expensive failures. Why do you think Ushur can help where these other companies couldn't?

Our AI/ML solution can be deployed without investing in any data science engineers since with our data anonymizer, model training, and pre-flight simulator tools. Moreover, the workflow builder allows users to handle and manipulate solutions with ease and without technical expertise.

Some specific solutions such as SmartMail, Smart Conversations, and Intelligent Data Extraction will apply AI/ML to problems in real-time, making the platform more relevant and useful for customers and enterprises alike.

Business Insights through our analytics dashboard make it easy for companies to realize KPIs and analyze customer experience and ROI in a transparent manner, so any issues will be flagged and remediated before coming close to failing.

Lastly, there are a multitude of machine learning and deep learning models available and designed for specific intelligent automation use cases. These specific solutions are more tailored to your company’s needs, so the success rate of the solutions are skyrocketing.

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