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Intelligent process automation in Salesforce

Published: Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

We are proud to announce that we’ve officially launched the Ushur’s Managed Package for Salesforce, now available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Now you can use Artificial Intelligence to automate customer engagements over email, web, SMS, and more, integrating directly within the Salesforce interface. This allows customer support and operations teams to deliver powerful self-service tools across the digital channels your customers are engaging on.

With intelligent process automation in Salesforce, you can streamline a number of use cases including:

  • Account Updates
  • Support Resolutions
  • Sales Enablement
  • Document Upload
  • Email Routing

Ushur’s App key features include:

  • Classify and index high-volume customer emails, documents and texts for routing to internal teams within Salesforce.
  • Read and write customer account information from and to Salesforce
  • Integrate with Salesforce Process Flow and trigger communication-based actions within the Ushur platform, even for custom-objects
  • Allow customers to automatically upload docs and images into Salesforce cases

With Ushur’s Intelligent Automation App for Salesforce, enterprises see faster customer response times and increased customer satisfaction. To learn more about the app, how it works, and the benefits to the enterprise, check out our app on the Salesforce AppExchange or contact us for more information.

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