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Easy Builds with the New Launch Module

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In the last major release of the Ushur platform, Ushur included a key feature to make it easier for citizen developers to build, deploy, and connect customer experiences – the Ushur launch module. 

The Ushur Customer Experience Automation platform uses a no-code platform and pre-trained (and easily retrainable) machine learning models to shorten the time it takes to design customer experiences. The no-code components in the platform are called modules, and the newest module (the launch module) gives finer grain control of starting or linking workflows from, or in, the Ushur platform to each other.

In previous deployments, if an Ushur workflow matched the conditions in the logic routing, it would move onto the next step in the customer experience journey. In reality, there are some customer experiences with an element of time inherent to them that IT or customer experience/customer service (CX/CS) teams may want to tightly manage. 

For example, if a healthcare company sends a patient, or member, an invitation to fill out a survey on their current health status and in it they indicate they don’t feel confident about their current state of health with their current provider (PCP), their healthcare plan may want them to find a new provider. If after some amount of time, they don’t elect a new PCP, the next step in their customer experience could be to send them to a care advocate team, or it could be to send them educational content on their benefits. There are a litany of options, and time is a key consideration.

Another improvement the Ushur launch module affords citizen developers is the ability to discreetly decide what information to pass from one workflow to second when one launches another. When a workflow has collected data in flight, an optimized customer experience shouldn’t ask the customer to repeatedly input data. If the workflow hasn’t passed that information back to a core system, via one of the many integrations configured via the Ushur no-code configurator, a CXA workflow can pass data to the next one and keep the customer experience seamless to the end user.


The release introducing Ushur Studio has changed the way that the Ushur user-base works with the leading CXA platform. It’s easier than ever to build customer experiences, link them, and control their execution. To see a demo of the new and improved experience in Ushur Studio, sign up for a free trial or schedule time for a demo

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