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A Look at Ushur’s Invisible App: Dynamically Engage with Customers without any App Development

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App usage is skyrocketing with 194 million global app downloads in 2018 alone. This smartphone era is distancing itself from calls and emails and shifting toward mobile solutions. Modern problem solving is designing apps and throwing them at the problem hoping for something to stick. With this surplus of apps comes a greater challenge to differentiate your business’s app, to capture the attention of the customer, and to convince them to download and utilize your app. In 2017, the average smartphone user had 80 apps on their phones and used around 40 of them a month.

But what if you could deliver an app-like experience, without asking your customers to download an app?

Keeping these challenges in mind, Ushur conceived the Invisible App to remove the friction of apps, while still maintaining the digital, app-like experience that customers prefer. Not only is app adoption an arduous process, but app development is time-consuming and demanding on developers. Bringing apps to market takes around 4-5 months and constant updates and bug-fixes are required after the app is taken to market as well. We wanted to lower the barriers customers face when interacting with enterprises, thus marking the inception of the Invisible App.

Fueled by conversational AI, this 1:1 communication channel connects you with customers in the snap of a finger and automates two-way conversations to fulfill tasks like onboarding, scheduling, order tracking, and much more. Through a link delivered via SMS, email, or the web, customers are taken to a secure, encrypted HTML5 container where rich experiences including video submissions, surveys, file uploads, and payments are all possible. Since there is no login required, the Invisible App is there when you need it, and when the customer engagement is completed, the secure channel closes.

How does this all work?

Build as it requires no development resources on the enterprise side. Ushur’s web-based portal is the central hub for building, deploying, and tracking all automations visually. The drag-and-drop workflow builder requires no-code and champions creativity and customization.

After you’ve mapped out the experience you’d like to have with your customers, building the app simply requires the arrangement of the modules in the order you wish. Ushur’s APIs allow you to integrate with your CRM platforms guaranteeing that all data exchanged within the Invisible App is automatically updated in your backend systems. The Invisible App also offers white-labeling capabilities allowing full brand visibility for your enterprise.

Some other notable features include:

  • No app creation or download
  • Can create and deploy in less than an hour
  • Secure and encrypted channel
  • Integrates into your backend CRM systems
  • Image, Text, Voice, Video, and Location Services/Rich capabilities
  • Push or pull capabilities -- depending on your needs
  • Powerful analytics in our tracking dashboard
  • White-labeled (add brand colors and logos in seconds)

How can this enhance customer experience?

An app-like experience without the app development, the invisible app means the customer does not have to take any additional steps since engagement is possible via communication channels such as SMS. Additionally, the journey which is designed in the drag-and-drop workflow builder mimics the features of apps such as image uploads, file and document uploads, order tracking, and more.

In this age of overwhelming app proliferation, we wanted to create a refreshing take on two-way communication that takes the pressure off developers, while maintaining customer needs and expectations.

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