Dynamic customer engagement. No app development.


Invisible App lets you directly interact with customers and prospects without having to build, test, deploy and support your own custom apps.

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What is Invisible App?

Invisible App is a secure, 1-to-1 communication channel that automates customer journeys using the power of conversational AI. Now you can deliver fully branded, app-like experiences via web browsers — no need to engage developers or require customers to download apps to their desktops or devices.

What you can do with Invisible App?

Like a virtual support agent, Invisible App automates two-way conversations to help you quickly complete customer service, marketing and operational processes and tasks like these:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Marketing campaign delivery
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Scheduling and date-picking
  • Robust surveys
  • Making payments
  • Processing orders
  • Order status
  • Call center deflections
  • Dynamic FAQs


For your customers

Invisible App feels just like an app experience, but your customers and prospects don’t have to download anything to their computers or mobile devices. The experience is seamless and hassle-free.

Benefits for your business

Invisible App eliminates the need for you to hire a developer or code your own app. In just a few minutes, anyone on your team can create a custom, app-like experience. But even though the tool is easy to use, it’s also incredibly powerful. It supports all of the following and more:

  • AI-powered chatbot messaging
  • Image and document uploads
  • Form filling
  • Rich media consumption
  • Reading/writing from your back-end system
Ushur Invisible App

How it Works

How Invisible App works

Ushur’s no-code builder is a web-based tool that anyone in your organization can use to build, deploy and track automated experiences with visual, drag-and-drop tools. Extensive APIs enable you to easily integrate Invisible App with your CRM system and bring in all the data exchanged within your secure channels.

Built for Speed

Experiences can be created and deployed in less than an hour.


No app downloads required for your customers.


Offers a secure, encrypted channel for PHI, PII, and financial data.

Rich Experience

Supports images, text, voice, video, and location services.

Custom Branding

White-labeled, so you can brand your experience.

End-to-end Automation

Can be used for inbound and outbound communications.

Extensive Integrations

Integrates into your back-end systems.

Gain Insights

Delivers powerful data analytics to understand your customers

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