How to Implement Insurance Chatbots to Retain Customers

Do you know how to retain customers while phones are ringing off the hook?

COVID-19 made busy customer service centers even busier, but the insurance industry may have been hit the hardest. Facing an unprecedented volume of calls, emails and claims, providers everywhere are desperately trying to figure out how to retain customers during the pandemic. The best way to process thousands of customer requests without breaking a sweat? Insurance chatbots. Insurance industry chatbots answer some of the greatest challenges in retaining customers—and this e-book explains exactly how. This tactical guide to chatbots in the insurance industry explains the best insurance chatbot use cases (in pandemic or non-pandemic times), implementing insurance chatbots across your organization in <1 month and even how to retain a customer over the phone using chatbots for insurance agents.


This insurance chatbot implementation guide will teach you:

  • How using chatbots in the insurance industry can deflect call volume, improve the customer experience and increase human agent productivity
  • How to retain insurance customers by automating outbound and inbound conversations with chatbots
  • Specific benefits of chatbots in insurance that solve the challenges in retaining customers during COVID-19
  • Examples of insurance chatbot use cases, from chatbots for health insurance outbound comms to chatbots for insurance claims
  • What artificial intelligence-powered chatbot insurance claims automation looks like
  • How to prioritize your insurance chatbot use cases to see immediate relief

Download our insurance chatbot implementation guide below