Customer engagement automation in telecom industry gives cable & telecom call centers an upgrade


Lower churn and increase ARPU using conversational AI in telecom operations

Telecom process automation drives better service outcomes for your customers and your teams

With Ushur’s self-service automated channels on the frontline for support, your agents can focus on the highest priority customer requests. Ushur’s intelligent automation in the telecom industry allows you to answer your most frequent requests and take action immediately over email, web, SMS, and voice. No wait times for your customers, and dramatically reduced operational costs through powerful but easy-to-implement automation in telecom industry use cases.

Why you need conversational AI for automated customer engagement


instant customer service

With around the clock convenience


of service interactions can be solved
with AI-powered automated telecom customer support

Connect with subscribers efficiently at scale across endless telecom automation use cases

Eliminate wait times with self-service telecom automation on all channels

With automated support over email, web, SMS, and more, Ushur resolves your high-churn customer scenarios in real-time with a seamless customer experience. Learn more about our intelligent email processing system.

Make subscriber account management frictionless and intuitive:

Make it easy for subscribers to make changes or check statuses on their accounts by automating these interactions on the channels they prefer.

Automate actions that generate revenue:

Answer calls for revenue-generating interactions instantly. With conversational AI, empower subscribers to upgrade devices and plans, long-distance packages, service bundling, and more without lifting a finger.

Create personalized and engaging telecom experiences for your customers across multiple functions



Service Disruption Notifications

Installation and Setup


Mover campaigns and updates



Foster meaningful customer relationships with AI-powered conversations

Ushur makes telecom customer service interactions convenient, fast, and mobile - all at a reduced cost to the enterprise.


Reach out to disconnecting subscribers

Send your customers timely retention offers to reduce churn with AI-powered telecom chatbots

Data security is our #1 Priority


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