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Workflow Automation

Introduction to Workflow Automation + Conversational AI

What is it and how do you deploy it successfully? What is it? Business processes involve routine tasks that are…

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conversational ai

How can we use Conversational AI for Service Desk?

Many IT workflows that were previously done primarily through email, would be much better suited for automated text-message conversations using…

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chatbots as insurance agents

Chatbots as Insurance Agents

Insurance claim processes are notoriously lengthy and cumbersome, for both insurance companies and their customers. From long and arduous back…

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Does your company need chatbots?

AI and Chatbots are all over the news lately, with companies moving to automate their low-level, repetitive tasks in droves.…

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ai change banking

Will AI Change Banking?

According to a report released by Gartner, consumers want to manage 85% of the total business interactions with banks through Fintech…

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AI customer service

Will AI Fix our Frustration with Customer Service?

I started dictating this article to Siri, but I gave up within a few minutes after I had to repeat…

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servicebots for better retail

Servicebots for better retail?

ServiceBots could be a solution to some of the current woes of the retail industry. Using instant-message-based systems, these bots can…

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