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AHIP 2021 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

Webinar AHIP 2021 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum Register now Manning the Booth Kevin Castiglia Senior Client Director Tim…

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InsureTech Connect 2021

Meet us atBooth #344 EXECUTIVE PANEL State of Insurance Customer Experience: AI, Automation and the Customer Experience Revolution Schedule a…

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ITC 2020

Your Attendee Guide to the 2020 Virtual InsureTech Connect Event

10 months into the longest year on record, and you’ve probably learned a thing or two about Zoom calls. Mute yourself so your colleagues can’t hear the tantrum your sequestered child is throwing.

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customer contact week 2020

Should you meet with Ushur at CCW? (Hint: Yes)

Let’s just get it out there: Customer Contact Week in Nashville is…a lot. A lot to see. A lot of people to talk to.

You can’t meet with everyone. You have to prioritize.

That’s why we’ve created this quick quiz to help you decide whether Ushur belongs on your shortlist of must-see vendors.

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InsurTech Summit 2019

Simha Sadasiva at InsurTech Summit 2019

CEO & Co-Founder, Simha Sadasiva discusses where AI can help Insurers at 2019 Global InsurTech Summit Panel.

Our CEO & Co-Founder sat down at the Global InsurTech Summit with Group Head of Artificial Intelligence of Zurich, Gero Grunkel, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at Prudential, Michael Natusch, and CSO, Eric Sibony,

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