IVR Call Deflection Solutions

Streamline IVR-based Customer Self-Service

Deflect calls from service centers and minimize the impact of call surges by offering self-service alternatives

  • Deflect from voice to digital channels
  • Reduce call volumes and time to resolution
  • Automate easier use-cases like WISMO and claim status checks
  • Build a reputation for digital excellence and customer care
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Ushur for IVR Call Deflection

Customers say they prefer digital messaging channels, but often turn to calls when they’re convinced urgent requests will be lost in the ether. Free your customers from the call versus digital dichotomy via your existing (IVR) by enabling them to solve inquiries and complete tasks through robust, integrated digital messaging.

Anticipate customers' needs by offering an AI-powered digital channel of their choice when they call in. Resolve thorny issues with contextually-specific conversational AI without escalating to a live agent.


of customers are reached, whose needs can be addressed in real-time


of calls are automated to liberate your teams


improved C-SAT and NPS scores

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What is Call Deflection?

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The Ushur Platform for Call Deflection

A product to meet end-to-end automation

Conversational Apps™

Deflect and automate conversations via preferred channels for optimal operational efficiency with Conversational Apps

Conversational Apps™

Invisible App™

Orchestrate conversations in a secure and intuitive UI to gather information and documents via two-way conversations

Invisible App™
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Link: claims.circle.cx/45623
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Case Studies for Call Deflection

Transforming Claimant Engagement


The insurance carrier experienced considerable delays in collecting dates from claimants that they needed to process their claims, and wanted to avoid claimants calling them for next steps. The carrier relied on contact center employees to manually call claimants to collect information and in some cases, send paper-based forms. Customer experience suffered with this manual process and each claim incurred considerable costs to service with the typical process requiring 6 attempts by phone. On average, it spanned a total of 3 weeks.


The Ushur Customer Experience Automation platform gave the carrier's employees the ability to design and manage customer experience campaigns rather than forcing them to depend on IT teams alone to automate the proactive journey. The Ushur flow builder and no-code capabilities enabled the carrier to automate the gathering of critical dates and to automatically update the claim in their backend systems.

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The carrier automates over 70,000 text messages to engage with 25,000 claimants each month to retrieve the critical dates needed to process and pay claims.

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Deflect Calls, Not Business: Three Ways to Make the Most of Your IVR

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Benefits of the Ushur Platform for Call Deflection

Create convenience for customers and optimize support operations

Supercharge your existing IVR systems and future-proof your investments in communication stacks that support customer service agents. Instead of depending on service teams alone who are limited to work hours, single-threaded calls, and overwork, add IVR automation to engage with thousands of customers at once. Liberate customer service agents to on high-touch and high value engagements.

Deflect calls for better self-service

Call deflection via digital messaging channels, like Ushur’s Invisible App, allows you to manage high call volumes. Automated digital channels scale, allowing you to service customers in real-time, reducing the possibility of irate customers and overwhelmed agents.

Integrate with your existing IVR technology

IVR is familiar to many enterprise operations, and it’s reliable and ubiquitous. Integrate the Ushur platform with your existing IVR technology, instantly modernizing your operation while keeping the best of your current setup.

Automation that Understands


Understand bodies of text, whether in a document, an image, or a conversation


Take action when necessary, either with explicit or implicit human sign-off


Expand the journey across channels, including SMS, email, Invisible App™, social, or voice


Ushur’s AI platform supports more than 60 languages and delivers best-in-class sentiment analysis for any customer engagement

Analytics and Integrations

With our powerful analytics tools and dashboards built right into the platform, you can easily measure KPI at company, campaign or individual interaction level.

Ushur integrations, like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, and Slack, enable enterprises to address customers in real-time, while freeing agents from mundane administrative tasks. Reap the benefits of automated, timely, and accurate data entry with your existing commercial and home-grown backend systems.

By boosting data entry and integrity through Ushur’s Salesforce-certified integrations, keep your information complete, secure, and up-to-date.

Empower Agents

Keep your agents looped-in at their convenience. Ushur automates the busywork, allowing agents to assess at critical junctures. Once workflows are undertaken, your agents have opportunities to support customers directly if and when appropriate. Take advantage of options for agents to review and modify data or documents from customers easily and efficiently as a part of an engagement. Agents can approve forms and re-engage at-will to capture updated information or handle other requests.

Call Deflection FAQs

Do I already need to have an IVR system if I want to set up call deflection?

The Ushur Customer Experience Automation platform enables experiences across all channels and can help bring channels to customer experiences that solutions don't yet have them including voice.

How long does a call deflection implementation take?

Call deflection cases can vary in complexity and therefore the time it takes to implement. Unlike most digital transformation projects, however, the critical components that Ushur deploys are pre-built and then customized during deployment. As a result, voice-based modernization solutions deploy in weeks - not years.

What channels can I deflect calls to?

Ushur is an omni-channel solution designed to optimize customer experiences. The platform can deflect to SMS, email, Invisible App™, Invisible Portal™, and existing solutions already deployed at each client like traditional mobile apps.

How can call deflection actually improve a customer experience?

What most call centers get wrong is using call deflection as a replacement for engaging with customers, and therefore preventing customers from communicating in their preferred modes. Call deflection only actually improves customer experience when it's used to expand the opportunities and modes of engagement.

How does proactivity contribute to call deflection?

Customers tend to call in with similar questions to each other, and for fairly predictable pain points which customer service teams are already enabled to answer. For the questions that include topics like status, sometimes the best answer is the one given proactively. Ushur Customer Experience Automation capabilities make proactively sharing status easy so that customers never have to call a company in the first place.