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Great-West Lifeco Inc. is a Canadian insurance-centered financial holding company that operates in North America (Canada and United States), Europe and Asia through five wholly owned, regionally focused subsidiaries
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Great West Lifeco is a financial services holding company that offers a range of products and brands in Canada, Europe, and the United States. The company provides life, health, group annuity, and retirement and wealth management services to its customers.


Great West Lifeco recognized the need to transform how it delivered services and products to its customers in a digital world. The company realized that it needed to address not only customer expectations but also the broader network of advisors and third-party partners. Great West Lifeco identified the need to up its game on the digital experience to improve the overall customer experience, including speed and ease of use.


To address the challenges, Great West Lifeco partnered with Ushur, a company that provides technologies and capabilities to accelerate the digital transformation process beyond what Great West Lifeco could do within its organization. Through the partnership, Great West LifeCo was able to leverage the Ushur platform to improve customer experiences beyond just the mobile app for the website but other channels such as text and email.

One of the applications developed with Ushur was the SmartMail™ solution. The app allowed Great West Lifeco to respond to customer emails immediately with the intelligence of requesting additional information if certain details were missing, such as a policy ID or a customer ID. This application was very effective in cutting down the cycle time and improving the overall customer experience.

Another application that Great West Lifeco developed with Ushur was the Invisible App™. The app enabled the company to seamlessly integrate the data that it received from customers into its systems, regardless of the form, completeness, and accuracy of the information provided. The Invisible App™ processed the information that Great West Lifeco needed in a seamless way, improving the overall customer experience.


Great West Lifeco's partnership with Ushur helped the company to enhance its touch points across multi-channels, improving the overall customer experience. The use of artificial intelligence tools provided through platforms like Ushur presented a big opportunity for the company to achieve its objectives. Great West Lifeco was able to focus on its core administrative system while leveraging Ushur's platform to improve the customer experience.


Great West Lifeco's partnership with Ushur enabled the company to accelerate its digital transformation journey, providing a better customer experience. The use of Ushur's platform allowed Great West Lifeco to enhance its touch points across multi-channels and provide customers with a seamless and easy-to-use experience. The partnership demonstrated the importance of using innovative technologies to improve the overall customer experience, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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