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Ushur makes it simple for customers to communicate in real time with their healthcare, insurance, and financial services organizations. This includes easy transitions from one digital channel to the next, across all relevant lines of communication - as well as seamless transitions to live and even offline channels. Offering SMS powered by conversational AI as part of an omnichannel strategy makes it possible to cut through communication inefficiencies and deliver a superior experience across the customer journey including; from sales and onboarding to member service, education, claims and beyond.

In a communication landscape facing engagement challenges, customers are increasingly preferring digital channels, with a 90% customer contact satisfaction rating for texting, versus 77% for phone call. Ushur’s no-code platform makes it easy to rapidly deploy HIPAA-compliant digital engagements, providing customers with personalized, bi-directional mobile app-like experiences that don't require log-ins or downloads to access.

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