The State of AI-Powered Automation in Regulated Industries

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Explore the transformative landscape of AI-powered automation in healthcare, insurance, and financial services with our exclusive report on 2024 trends. Delve into insights from 200 U.S. decision-makers, revealing a paradigm shift in attitudes and priorities. Discover how businesses are overcoming challenges, embracing AI, and shaping customer journeys for a future of enhanced experiences.

Key Learnings:

  • Strategic Shift: Over 75% now recognize the pivotal role of AI in customer communications.
  • Priorities: Top outcomes sought include increased revenues, improved satisfaction, and reduced costs.
  • Challenges: Decision-makers grapple with identifying friction points, managing operational cost increases, and translating customer insights into action.
  • Automation in Focus: Respondents prioritize automating customer service, onboarding, and sales processes.

Embark on a journey into the future of customer-centric technology. Download the full report for a comprehensive understanding of AI’s impact on regulated industries.

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