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Simha Sadasiva at InsurTech Summit 2019

Published: Friday, Apr 12, 2019
Simha SadasivaCEOUshurin

The Impact of AI and ML in Insurance

CEO & Co-Founder, Simha Sadasiva discusses where AI can help Insurers at 2019 Global InsurTech Summit Panel.

Our CEO & Co-Founder sat down at the Global InsurTech Summit with Group Head of Artificial Intelligence of Zurich, Gero Grunkel, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at Prudential, Michael Natusch, and CSO, Eric Sibony, of Shift, to discuss the ways Insurance companies are utilizing AI for increasing productivity and digitizing their business.

There is a consensus that AI and automation have become a need of their industry, and the panel discusses the areas they are tackling first including enrollment, claims and customer support. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts and strategy around deploying AI.

Topics of discussion were:

  • Hype about AI and applications of AI
  • Key terms like Neural Networks, Deep Learning, AI for Linguistics using NLP, NLU, NLG
  • How do you go about leveraging data for the purposes of building knowledge graphs and corpus?
  • Types of applications being created using AI that Insurance companies are deploying
  • How to apply cognitive technologies for process automation in quote intake, claims, training and customer service use cases
  • How to impact customer experience while leveraging AI-powered automation

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