Learn How to Automate Your Customer Communications from Within Salesforce

What’s a trendline that’s pointing up and not plateauing anytime soon? Large B2C enterprises will confidently tell you that’s inbound from customers. Spiking and sustaining ferociously with the pandemic, peak demand is overwhelming agents, increasing customer wait-times and backlogs, and straining your resources.

For leaders seeking to buck this trajectory, win back customers, and reduce infrastructure load, it starts and ends with your CRM. In this SME-led webinar, learn how savvy B2Cs are streamlining and automating intake and outbound processes with Ushur’s smart, Salesforce-certified integrations. Quickly scale with AI-driven technology to:

  • Improve resolution time by triaging high volumes of inbound mail and service requests through Ushur’s SmartMail
  • Free up agent time to redeploy for high-value engagements, by deflecting peak demand via automations
  • Enable customers to upload documents and schedule appointments on their device of choice, automating updates in your CRM.

By boosting your data integrity and entry compliance through Ushur’s Salesforce-certified integrations, keep your information complete, secure, and up-to-date.

Discover how Ushur integrations enable Salesforce-based enterprises to address customers in real-time, while liberating agents from repetitive admin tasks like data entry to focus on high-value customer engagements. Learn how automated two-way interactions over customers’ preferred digital channels increase satisfaction even as operational load drops. Reap the benefits of automated data entry with your existing Salesforce CRM.