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Transform Workers' Comp claims for improved engagement and outcomes

No matter the industry, work-related injuries are inevitable. When the workplace accident does happen, intelligent automation can proactively elevate the employee communications and ensure faster access to critical information from benefits to available network providers. Register for this webinar to automate critical 2-way conversations with the customer, injured worker, and even the treating physician.

Join Meredith Barnes-Cook, Global Head of Insurance at Ushur and Rob McCann, Client Service Executive at Ushur, on June 9th, 2021 at 11am PST for webinar: Transform WC claims for improved engagement and outcomes.

In this webinar, you will see how proactively automating communication can build injured employee relationship with transparency:
  • Provide peace of mind by immediately reaching out to the injured employee, guiding them through the claims process and timeline
  • Avoid delays in getting critical information like the wage statement, medical authorizations, disability confirmation, and estimated return to work dates
  • Create ease by offering direct deposit enrollment and benefit payment alerts
  • Keep both the employee and employer in the loop the entire way, through their digital channel of choice

Today and everyday in the future, workplace injuries will take place. Customer Experience Automation™ can nurture relationships with an injured worker while paving their road to recovery, while keeping their employer fully informed.
Meredith Barnes-CookGlobal Head of Insurance at Ushur
Rob McCannClient Service Executive at Ushur

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