Rise of the Citizen Developer: How leading Insurers are leveraging low-code

What do Unum Group and Tower Insurance have in common? Well, a lot actually.

Both are well-regarded insurance providers serving policy-holders around the globe and New Zealand, respectively. Both are leaders in their lines of business, providing diverse and comprehensive coverage and services to their clients.

But most importantly, these enterprises are primed for these unprecedented times, transforming how they do business by streamlining their teams for agility, accelerating growth, and completing their digital transformation journeys, by leveraging AI and low-code automation tools.

Low-code automation has empowered business users to nimbly create and iterate new business tools, with guidance from IT departments that are rapidly becoming AI Centers of Excellence.

In this panel discussion, hear from Unum and Tower executives on how low-code automation has disrupted and accelerated enterprise-scale development.

  • Learn how Tower Insurance saw its investment in agility pay off when a major storm left thousands of its customers scrambling. Tower’s business teams were able to quickly deploy self-designed solutions to collect critical information from customers over an omni-channel, two-way platform, reducing risk and time to business significantly.
  • Discover how Unum Group decided against hiring an army of engineers to cobble together custom portals. With an AI-powered low-code platform, Unum business teams could create complex and malleable journeys, supercharging the company’s solution development.