Five New Trends in Conversational AI Since the Pandemic


Since the pandemic, customer contact centers have been overwhelmed in sectors from insurance to financial services and telecom. Higher call volumes, more email inquiries with staff stretched thin while coping with the transition to remote work and their own personal challenges.


Savvy enterprises are turning to Conversational AI to ease the burden with call deflection, email triage, and workflow automation. Learn how they are implementing it and what has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Today, companies are looking at Conversational AI in a whole new way, with more urgency, greater flexibility and new deployment approaches.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is Conversational AI?
  • What new problems are organizations facing today since Covid-19?
  • How does Conversational AI solve these problems?
  • Five trends in Conversational AI since the pandemic
  • Keys to Conversational AI success
  • Examples of Conversational AI in use today

Ushur invites you to join Michael Fisher, VP of Product and Vandana Rao, VP of Customer Growth to get an introduction to Conversational AI and to hear how leading organizations are adopting it today.