5 Tips for Implementing Customer Engagement Automation Tools

Customer engagement automation is hot. In one fell swoop, enterprises can simultaneously transform the customer experience and modernize intake operations for better business while simultaneously slashing operating costs and streamlining resources.

Yet, the bandwagon of vendors who claim digital transformation capabilities is piled high. How can an enterprise effectively evaluate an engagement automation solution before locking itself into a multi-year, multi-headache commitment? Using the pilot process to study and assess the feasibility of implementation is a must, and there are several make-or-break factors to consider.

On October 22nd, Jillian Elisa and Andrea Ciocca, Customer Success Managers, will be sharing 5 tips for evaluating and implementing enterprise-grade engagement automation With years of experience serving P&C, Life, Health, and Financial Services providers, they will break down how enterprises get real answers from potential vendors and avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls.

If your enterprise is considering a digital transformation journey, questions like how to select a pilot automation project and which metrics matter when demand nuanced answers. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Which KPIs actually matter
  • Who’s critical to an effective implementation team
  • How to create momentum with easy automation wins
  • When to train your no-code business users

Hear from Jillian and Andrea on how real enterprise partners like you arm themselves as they select the solution that’s right for them.