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Advancing Medicaid Health Equity and Quality

Advancing health equity is a national priority. State Medicaid programs and health plans are front and center in these efforts due to the vulnerable and dispersed populations they serve.

Driving more equitable outcomes across engagement, access, clinical, and experience metrics are all critical components to reducing disparities in health. Improving each of these critical focus areas requires up-front assessment of current state, as well as more effective use of interactive and secure digital channels to augment traditional live and offline channels (like mailings) to educate, influence and guide members to take needed actions. Realizing these goals requires Medicaid leaders who can chart a balanced, rapid course to improvement by modernizing engagement strategies to communicate with members on their terms.

This webinar covers:
  • Assessing current state in health equity, quality and member experience
  • Engaging unreachable and hard to reach members with interactive digital channels
  • Identifying and resolving member journey points that impact Rating of Healthcare Quality
  • Improving access to preventive services and other care
Yvonne DaughertyGlobal Head of Industries
Healthcare Quality Expert

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