Introducing Ushur Studio

Automate Customer Engagements with Speed

As customer expectations evolve, operational efficiency has become the #1 challenge enterprises face as an impediment to transforming and improving their customer experience.

Ushur's milestone release removes barriers to AI-powered automation for end-to-end customer engagements. Enable two-way conversations across any channel, with secure and responsive information exchange.

Enterprises with any level of readiness or digital nativity can now drive better customer outcomes with speed. Transform business users and knowledge workers into citizen developers who speed time-to-value while freeing up IT resources.

During this launch, we’ll reveal:

  • Simplified workflow creation for intuitive, sophisticated builds
  • Generative AI and industry-safe large language models (LLMs) to slash turnaround time
  • Contextual guidance and proactive issue prevention to accelerate onboarding success