Equitable employee benefits accelerates quote intake with AI

The workforce benefits market is experiencing transformational change with stakeholders looking for digitalization and AI-powered solutions to improve efficiency and experience.

"For Equitable Employee Benefits, a Fortune 500 carrier, leveraging AI to automate and expedite the requests for proposal (RFP) intake process was a strategic decision to improve response times, reduce processing times by 80% and elevate the broker experience. Learn about Equitable's journey to automate the quoting process with the goal of reducing turnaround times from days to minutes."

Learn how Equitable was able to:

  • Get its quoting and RFP intake process future-ready and AI-capable, delivering needed response speed and minimizing operational burden
  • Improve scalability by correctly auto-classifying and processing RFP requests
  • Eliminate manual work, decreasing the likelihood of human error by 85%