Property & Casualty Customer Experience Automation™ Guide


Maximize agility across the insurance journey with AI-powered Micro-Engagements™

Property and Casualty (P&C) suffers because the scale of claims interferes with giving your customers the client experience they deserve. How can we address that gap between a digital consumer’s expectations of timeliness and the time-consuming nature of insurance claims?

Insurance carriers are increasingly depending on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to meet their customers in their preferred channels and shorten the claims journey. P&C has an opportunity to catch up with other industries already using AI to help scale their business and drive measurable increases in customer satisfaction.

In this P&C e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Simple but not simplistic automation makes it easy to build powerful automation flows once and deploy them across all channels.
  • Conversational AI understands the tone and desired outcomes of your customers’ communications to answer questions even before they’re asked.
  • Speed and accuracy of AI keep pace with the growing demand on your marketing and claims teams.

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