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The Email Automation Guide for B2C Customer Service

Wondering how to respond to emails faster?

If your customer service inbox is inundated with thousands of messages and you’re dying to know how to respond to email faster, it’s time to see what an email automation platform can do. Busy B2C organizations across industries swapping out their legacy email processing systems—and why? Because email automation doesn’t just help you get to the bottom of your queue. Shortening email processing times can improve NPS scores and free up agents so you can grow your business. In this e-book, you’ll learn how automated customer service emails increase customer satisfaction all while saving on valuable OpEx.

This email automation guide teaches you:

  • check markWhat is email automation and how email automation software works in customer service
  • check markHow to automate emails at the enterprise scale
  • check markThe benefits of email automation and what kind of ROI you should expect
  • check mark How to start deploying automated email campaigns
  • check mark How AI is applied in different functions, including automated email sending, inbound email processing, email triaging and more

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