Exceed P&C customer expectations end-to-end

Meredith Barnes-Cook profile picture

Meredith Barnes-Cook

Global Head of Insurance at Ushur

Marty Ellingsworth

Senior Analyst at Celent

Radically transform the P&C customer experience from average to exceptional with intelligent automation. Register for this webinar to learn how to engage the increasingly digital savvy customer through consistent experiences regardless their service interaction–policy, billing or claims. Discover how Ushur’s no-code Customer Experience Automation™ platform can reinvent customer, claimant, agent, broker, and provider interactions, increasing efficiency from weeks to hours, and boost ROI 5 times the industry average.

Join Meredith Barnes-Cook, Global Head of Insurance at Ushur, and Marty Ellingsworth, Senior Analyst at Celent, on June 2nd, 2021 at 2pm EST/11 am PST for the webinar: Exceed P&C customer expectations end-to-end.

In this webinar you will see how to transform customer service by:

  • check markRevolutionizing the customer experience journey by automating micro-engagements™
  • check markEnabling carriers to anticipate high-volume customer inquiries with proactive outreach
  • check markReducing inefficiency with quotes, policies, and claims through digital self-service along with machine learning
  • check markProviding customers, prospects, brokers, and agents access to new products and pricing awareness
  • check markOffering a consistent customer experience while meeting them on their digital channel of choice

We look forward to answering questions you may have about intelligent automation.

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