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Urgent Claims Interactions

Pre-built. HIPAA-secure. PCI-compliant.

  • Provide loss prevention guidance ahead of storms
  • Automate proactive communications and claims documentation gathering
  • Ensure timely coverage and liability decisions
  • Reduce inbound calls
  • Prevent processing or subrogation delays

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Automate every step of the customer experience

  • How are you proactively reaching out to your customers to let them know about impending weather?
  • Do they know what to do if they need to file a claim?
  • Do you have an easy process for gathering documents?

Start with pre-built intelligent automation workflows to transform how you reach out to your customers in your Auto & Property claims journey. Warn customers in the path of everything from a local storm to CAT events, and help them understand how to easily gather essential documents. UshurX for Urgent Claims interactions accelerates critical claims processes to ensure timely coverage liability decisions, and prevent processing or subrogation delays. Start with UshurX now and see how you can drastically improve your claims experience in only weeks.

Digital automation to enhance the claim process

Significant Weather Event (CAT) Alerts

Alert customers when they could be in the path of a storm

Guide customers on how to prepare, give critical instructions for reporting losses, and instruct how to document damage

Photos, Estimates &
Police Reports

Provide policyholders and claimants with quick and secure processes to submit documents assisting in coverage and liability

Lessen the need for onsite appraisals of smaller losses via use of damage photos and repair estimates

Claim Payment

Empower customers and claimants to confirm their desired payment methods

Make it easy for payees to enroll in your digital payment options for speed and savings

3rd Party Details for Subrogation Recovery

Reach back to policyholders when more info is needed about the liable party

Shorten delays in initiating subrogation to recover loss payments and deductibles
Claim Documents
Document Submission
Supporting Documents To expedite your claim, we will need the following documents. Photos of damage Estimate to repair/replace Submit a file
862 MB
Significant Weather Alert
Severe Weather Alert
Hello Sharon, A hurricane warning exists for your area. Here is important information to help you stay informed, get ready and protect your property.
Weather event updates
Tips to prepare
Report a claim for damage 800-444-1212

Customer Experiences, Transformed

A proven, no-code, HIPAA-secure claims experience driven with Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) capabilities
Update Customer Address
Supporting Documents Please take a picture of your driver's license, a utility bill with you rname and current address on it, or a picture of your signed lease agreement for proof of residency.
Submit a File
845 kB
Customized branding so customers know who contacts them.
A PIC & HIPAA-secure rich user experience designed to be intuitive and engaging
Minimal IT and no professional services needed
With integrated analytics to evaluate campaign effectiveness
Customized for each customer and reachable 24/7