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With two-way conversational texting, your customers get what they need fast on a convenient digital channel

Reach customers where they are at, on their preferred channels

Texting is an underutilized form of direct customer access. Text messaging behavior speaks for itself. According to and the Pew Research Center:



of text messages are opened


texts are read within 3 minutes
of being received


customers would like to text with businesses

With such high and timely open-rates, service-oriented teams are missing an easy opportunity to engage. Companies that turned to Ushur to implement two-way text dialogues saw their CSAT scores go up by 38.8%. Customers felt empowered, and businesses could get back to customers and resolve member issues faster than ever.

Case Study

See what our partners are accomplishing with SMS automation

Read how one of our clients went from an average of 6 phone call attempts over 3 weeks per customer to convenient text message engagements completed within an hour

Brands that trust Ushur’s Two-Way Texting


Engage with customers in minutes

With Ushur’s low-code workflow builder, launch custom two-way texting campaigns in a matter of days and achieve quicker time to value. Business teams can set up complex workflows, without having to loop in IT, based on your business goals and requirements. Modify campaigns on the fly to keep your conversations up-to-date.

From missed calls to near instant resolutions

Seamlessly reach your customers who are always on the move or do not have the time to speak with your customer support agents. Offer them the ease and convenience of texting as your resolution rates increase, freeing up agent time.


For all of your customer interactions

Automate your form completion process, appointment scheduling, missing data collection, and so much more. Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks as information is automatically ported to your backend systems.

Text Messaging Best Practices
Blog Post

3 Signs You’re a Bad Texter + Text Messaging Best Practices

Don’t launch an SMS campaign before brushing up on these text messaging best practices

Delight customers and optimize customer support operations

While customer service representatives are limited to handling only one call at a time, with automation, customer service teams can engage with thousands of customers at once, 24/7. Our customers use two-way texting to:


Appointment Scheduling

Auto-Respond to FAQs


Capture Missing Data

Create Service Tickets


Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Conversational AI

Ushur uses Conversational AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to contextualize the spoken or written word and determine the best way to handle and respond to a user input. Combined with deep integrations into your enterprise backend systems, Conversational AI helps businesses deliver personalized engagements and support at scale.
Ushur’s AI platform supports more than 60 languages and delivers best-in-class sentiment analysis for any customer engagement.


Support Agent Framework

Take advantage of options for support agents to review and modify data or documents from customers easily and efficiently as a part of an engagement. Agents can approve forms and re-engage with customers to capture updated information.

With powerful analytics for real-time insights

Continuously improve future conversations with meaningful analytics. Ushur stores all conversations in a highly secure chat log for easy review and compliance.


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