Reducing customer service costs and increasing customer satisfaction

Our software enables organizations to create custom workflows that are enriched with data from their existing CRM and ERP Systems for a simple, intuitive and complete instant-message-based interaction with customers. By automating low-value and repetitive interactions; customers can get better service faster, and leave customer service reps to focus on high-value interactions.

Millions of USD wasted in repetitive tasks that could be automated.

Handling millions of phone calls per year to answer a simple question: “where is my order?” can be a burden in your call center operation and a multimillion dollar cost in your organization. The valuable resources answering that simple question could better be used for more complex customer issues that need attention.

saving over $5M per year with Ushur:

Using Ushur’s simple to use graphic interface you can create your custom workflow for a simple instant-message based interaction with your customers. Our enterprise-class customer-engagement platform, seamlessly connects with your ERP system in place, so that the customer can enter their order number and get an immediate response with the status of their order. Furthermore, one of every two customers prefers the privacy and convenience of a text message interaction for these simple tasks.

One of the leading insurance companies in the US is saving over $5M per year by automating up to 108,000 customer interactions per hour using instant-messaging that connects to their ERP system.

Refills and renewals are a missed opportunity for revenue

ushur-express-scripts-refillRefills and renewals are a significant revenue driver, but many companies miss the opportunity convert this revenue. Customers, for example, often forget to refill their prescriptions or do not wish to call their doctor or make an appointment. These are low complexity service requests that either get lost or are too complicated.

increase conversions with intelligent software from Ushur

With Ushur’s intuitive customer workflows, you can deploy custom interactions that follow up with customers automatically when their prescriptions expire and ask if they would like us to call their doctor to renew your prescription. If their card expires soon, deploy notifications automatically. Create higher conversion rates for your company and more seamless service for your customer.

Our clients experience up to a 30% increase in renewal rates and reduced operational costs

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