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Claimant Engagement-as-a-Service Package

HIPAA-secure. Pre-built. Launch Ready.

Pre-built intelligent automation workflows for Worker’s Compensation and Disability claims plus Leave Management help carriers gather critical information to ensure timely claim and eligibility decisions, preventing processing delays or overpayments.

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Digital Automation to Enhance the Claim and Leave Process

Critical Date Requests

  • Request essential information – like the first missed day from work, next medical appointment, or return to the work target date
  • Eliminate the friction, delays, and cost of missed calls and voicemail tag

Medical Authorization E-Sign

  • Offer injured or ill employees and members the empathy of ease with one-click to securely provide their permission
  • Prevent claim and eligibility decisions from being delayed while waiting for the receipt and return of paperwork

Medical Reports, Bills & Receipts Submission

  • Provide claimants with a quick and secure process to submit bills for payment and receipts for reimbursement
  • Enable claimants to securely share their office visit reports, preventing claim decision delays when doctors do not respond timely

Claimant Experiences in Weeks

Differentiate your Claimant Experience with Ushur Invisible App™

  • Customized branding so claimants know who contacts them
  • A rich UX designed to be intuitive and engaging with our HIPAA-secure guarantee
  • Deploys with a single click instead of needing to build, maintain, and support full mobile applications
  • Tailored for each claimant and reachable 24/7

Ask how a global carrier accelerated their claimant responsiveness from 3 weeks to 1 hour while eliminating 42% of their outbound claims calls
Workers' Compensation
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Short Term Disability
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Workers' Compensation
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