increase conversion rates to drive revenue

Marketing Operations can easily create promotions and offers that are triggered in the context of the particular customer lifecycle and reach out to customers via instant messaging on their device of choice, for double-digit increase in conversion rates at a minimal cost

marketing could be a wasted effort on bad leads

Growing your customer base is having significant costs to your company. Your sales employees are wasting valuable time and costs going out and pitching to prospective customers with their in-person campaigns and customer demonstrations, and your employees lack targeted leads that are interested in your product.

solution: use Ushur mobile-messaging based lead generation to increase top-line goals.

You can take advantage of instant-messaging, the preferred communication mode among consumers, and deploy simple calls to action leading you to higher conversion rates than your previous traditional engagement strategies with minimal cost, allowing your sales team to focus on targeted leads and top-line goals.

With Ushur’s automated engagements via instant-messaging, large retailers, and insurance companies increased their customer response rate to 85%.

your promotions don’t let your customers take action

ushur-express-scripts-upsell-and-renewalYou deploy a variety of marketing campaigns each month and seek to pursue customers by emails, flyers, brochures, and a variety of marketing tools. Though they are interested, these sort of promotions often get forgotten or lost in a sea of others just like them. Email campaigns for example, only have a 32% open rate.

solution: go from basic notifications to customer engagement

By deploying Ushur engagements, you can blend transactional messages, such as their subscription expiring, with a promotional message. For example, if their subscription is about to expire, you can send your customer a notification, as well as a special offer if they renew.

With Ushur’s 90% delivery and open rate, your customers are sure to see your notifications and react quickly.

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