Reduce support costs and increase customer retention

Customer Support Operations can automate the most frequently asked support questions, while also gathering corresponding data from the existing ERP and CRM systems to minimize resolution time, provide answers to the particular customer requesting support and automatically route the interaction to an agent if needed. Everything properly registered in the existing ticket management system, allowing organizations to devote their expert agents to complex issues for increased efficiency in support operations.

Simple tasks such as checking on the status of a previously reported issue are costing you more than what you think

15% of your customer support calls are from customers who had previously reported an issue and were calling to find out the status of that problem. You are spending as much as 25% of your annual revenue on customer support, and with your company growing you can’t afford to increase spending in your support operations.

reduce support calls and the costs of your current support systems

Ushur can automate your existing CRM systems and allow for your customers to check on the status of their issues at any time with instant messaging.

Our customers can reduce repeat calls to their call centers by up to 50%, allowing your expert agents to focus on more complex issues and save your company from unnecessary costs.

Your current system keeps your customers waiting, even for simple issues.

ushur-customer-tech-support-automatedDespite the high costs of your customer support systems, they are unable to meet customer expectations for timely incident recording, resolution, and reporting. Long wait times on voice-based systems is leading to consumer outrage on social media and impacting your brand strength.

customers can troubleshoot many issues themselves; keeping your customers from frustration

You can use Ushur to create automated workflows for your common customer issues. If a client submits a frequently asked support question to your service desk, Ushur will automatically take the customer through your previously designed customer interaction flow, providing instructions for a resolution.

Thanks to this automation, our clients react to customer issues quickly, preventing frustration and experience a substantial increase in customer satisfaction.

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