Automated conversations for a myriad use cases across service desk, customer support and marketing

Using Ushur’s automated engagement platform, leading companies are diverting customer interactions previously handled by human agents, reducing operational costs by up to 80%, increasing marketing conversion rates above 85%, and best of all, they experiencing substantial increase in customer satisfaction.

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Ushur uses best of breed Language Intelligence that can handle industry specific terms while processing Natural Language leading to superior conversion rates. Our unique platform capabilities allows enterprises to easily train the AI engine with variety of corpus and pick NLP algorithms that are best suited for the application.  Ushur’s drag and drop design tools make it very easy to setup and configure customer conversations. Ushur’s ability to tap into the dataset from your ERP and CRM systems creates personalized and highly converting customer experience.

Ushur creates hyper-local conversations through its ability to automate and converse in 102 different languages. Ushur’s tools and dashboard provide localization capabilities in those same languages resulting in the most advanced automated text messaging platform in the industry.