We offer a wide range of solutions for your company's needs, including use cases for Sales & Marketing Customer Support IT Service Desk HR Service Desk .

Ushur’s customer engagement platform has an infinite number of use cases to suit your needs. Whether it’s for boosting your sales and marketing KPIs, or for cutting significant costs from your customer support centers, or for streamlining your service desk operations, we have you covered.

For Sales and Marketing

Ushur’s customers are using automated texting for sales enablement and increasing conversion rates. If you are still relying on emails with open rates of 20%, Ushur’s texts will lead you to 90% open rates and 30% click through rates. Use cases include:

Automate subscription renewals with two-way engagements with your customers. Blend in promotions in transactional messaging. 

Deploy inbound campaigns to capture and track leads with the most qualified contact information – the customer mobile number.

Convert passive product marketing brochures into active, engaging, two-way mobile campaigns with video content, and landing pages.

For Customer Support

Ushur enables companies to lower your customer support costs by 85% by automating repetitive tasks previously done with human touch, and letting your customer support teams to focus on higher value  issues. Deploy Ushur for inbound and outbound customer engagement.

Automate Where is my order (WISMO), RMA,  claim management, prescription reminders, and a variety of other customer enquiries. Eliminate friction for your customers and they will reward you with stellar NPS scores.

Text enable your specialists and agents to engage with clients and customers using the most sophisticated texting service. Designed to work equally well for customer interactions with human as well as automated operators.

Support customers based on their individual customer information. Use your existing systems of record to automate bill processing, delivery confirmation, and scheduling and rescheduling through mobile messaging.

For Service Desk

Service desk operations can be time consuming and inefficient. Automate a significant portion of your ticketing and service desk for IT and HR process with Ushur.

Deflect, create, resolve, and confirm incidents/tickets/case for IT, HR and a variety of other service desk needs with text messages – no apps or logins required.Walk them through steps, or even send video instructions.

Answer frequently asked customer questions automatically and instantaneously, using cognitive search for repetitive questions like return policy, eligibility information, frequently occurring incidents, location, hours, etc. 

Communicate throughout the incident process, update on progress, and close the loop when completed. Turbo boost your SLAs with automated and mobile-first experience. Enhance your NPS and CSAT scores and delight your customers.