Automated Customer Survey Software


Use intelligent automation to create a smart survey experience that builds quality customer engagement

Automated Survey Software Powered by Conversational AI

When was the last time you filled out a digital survey? When was the last time you received a timely response?

Customer surveys are a tried-and-true avenue for gathering end-user insights, but engagement rates are often low and of poor quality. By the time enterprises can manually parse and address a service shortfall, the user experience has already soured. For enterprises that are serious about the value they deliver to customers, enhancing the customer survey experience can yield robust, actionable information, while allowing customers to feel heard in real-time.

Ushur provides comprehensive automated customer survey software for enterprises that drastically increases engagement with both customer and employee surveys. Powered by conversational AI with intelligent process automation, the Ushur platform provides engaging and highly customizable automated surveys for post-event, post-call, post-purchase, and other customer experience or satisfaction use cases. Where traditional surveys are static and low-yield, the Ushur platform is dynamic, allowing enterprises to rapidly analyze and service 21st-century users.

To access the benefits of digitally transforming your service and support operations, uplevel your customer experience survey software or even create automated employee surveys. With Ushur’s automated survey software, you can reduce process time by up to 32% and boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by up to 22%, while creating a more efficient and intelligent customer survey experience, earning your enterprise the crispest, most meaningful feedback, while saving you agent time to redeploy for high-touch priorities.

The Problem with existing customer survey software

Getting feedback from customers, employees, and partners using traditional survey software is a difficult and repetitive task. Response rates are low, survey formats are rigid and too limited, and time-sensitive issues don't get surfaced until it's too late. Enterprises that rely on these manual customer survey methods are less efficient because they lack modern automated survey tools.

The Solution for achieving better customer survey tools

Using Ushur’s intelligent customer survey software - Smart Survey - , enterprises can deploy dynamic, flexible, and engaging experiences for a post-call survey and/or post-event survey. Ushur’s language bots understand respondent feedback, escalate, and even intervene in critical customer issues - instantly. Smart surveys allow enterprises to respond and rectify service shortfalls in real-time, while conserving agent time.


improvement in response rates


before they
become problems


faster response times


Guide to Conversational AI for Customer Service

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