Customer journeys transformed.


Digitize Inbound and outbound communications with customers for better CX and lower operational costs


What is VCA?

With Ushur’s Virtual Customer Assistant, automate a variety of your customer journeys - from sales enablement to service ticketing to account updates - across virtually any channel (SMS, Voice, Email, Invisible App). VCA combines best-in-class conversational AI and deep integration to backend systems to deliver a powerful tool for enterprises to automate customer interactions.

What you can do with Virtual Customer Assistant

More than a chatbot, Ushur VCA can handle simple to highly complex customer support tasks from inbound call-deflection to automatic outbound requests for information in multiple languages.


What makes VCA even more powerful?  It’s integrated with your backend systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow, ZenDesk and even legacy systems, which means real-time information can be read from and written to your systems of record. All of this leads to some really powerful stuff - automated data entry, faster processing times, and reduction in calls to the contact center.

Sales Enablement

Create interactive mobile campaigns that are dynamic and convert quickly. Send product info or campaigns across any channel.

Claim filing

Automate the filing of warranty, insurance or product claims by allowing customers to engage on their terms.

Account update

Using Ushur’s Push capability, automatically reach out to customers and retrieve critical account information without the need for an agent placing a call.

Set and update appointments

Avoid the hassle and back and forth associated with setting, updating and reminding for appointments.

Where’s my order (WISMO)

Allow customers to check on the status of orders any time of day via text. Free your agents to handle higher value tasks, while delighting your customers.


Leverage new forms of customer engagement to deliver targeted and relevant cross and upsell experiences to your customers

Service Desk & IT Ticketing

Automate and expedite IT service desk through incident deflection, automated ticket creation and status updates.

Smart FAQ

Allow customers to ask questions in their own words and VCA uses AI to scour your FAQ to answer

See how this Top 250 Insurance Carrier transformed their claims experience with Ushur’s Virtual Customer Assistant


  • Reduce customer service and support costs
  • Improve NPS and C-SAT scores
  • Lower Call Center Call Volumes
  • Speed up Processing Times
  • Deliver 24/7 support
  • Multilingual support


  • It’s Smart

    • Conversational AI platform for automating communications
    • It’s multilingual and even translates

  • Push AND pull communications

    Reach out to customers or let them reach out to you

  • Robust Functionality

    Simple to highly complex use-cases

  • Omni-Channel

    SMS, InvisibleApp, Email, Voice & Social

  • Easy to Use

    • Configurable, trackable and deployable, all on the fly
    • Visual, drag and drop design tools - no technical skills needed

  • It Plays Nice

    VCA integrates into your backend systems, new and old

How it Works

How VCA works.

Ushur’s no-code builder is a web-based tool that anyone in your organization can use to build, deploy and track automated experiences with visual, drag-and-drop tools. Extensive APIs enable you to easily integrate VCA with your CRM system and bring in all the data exchanged within your secure channels.

Built for Speed

Experiences can be created and deployed in less than an hour.


No app downloads required for your customers.


Offers a secure, encrypted channel for PHI, PII, and financial data.

End-to-end Automation

Can be used for inbound and outbound communications.

Extensive Integrations

Integrates into your back-end systems.

Gain Insights

Delivers powerful data analytics to understand your customers

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