Using AI to improve consumer experience: A case study of Unum Group

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Unum (Unum and Colonial Life brands) is a financial protection benefits company that specializes in ancillary employee benefits typically available through the workplace, including disability, life, accident, critical illness/cancer, dental, and vision. It operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland.
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Unum Group is a leading provider of employee benefits in the US. The company provides disability, life, and other insurance products to millions of people across the country. To improve its digital strategy, Unum Group aimed to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline claims processing and enhance consumer touchpoints.


Unum Group had a challenge in reaching claimants who had filed a claim but did not know what their data delivery was going to be. The process of collecting that information could take weeks, and the engagement of multiple teams like user experience engineers and portal engineers was required.


To overcome this challenge, Unum Group implemented Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform to better collect that information. Ushur’s CXA platform uses AI to automate micro-engagements™, easy ways to exchange small snippets of critical information, with consumers to improve their experience. By leveraging the platform, Unum Group was able to reduce the process from five or six human outreaches to having a single text message that triggers an Invisible App™. The Invisible App™ gets an 80 percent response rate, enabling Unum Group to collect the necessary information more quickly and efficiently.


By adopting Ushur, Unum Group was able to improve its consumer experience and increase its customer satisfaction (CSAT) on these particular campaigns by 40 percent. The Ushur platform allowed Unum Group to focus on micro-engagements™, enabling it to hone in and hit specific opportunities that were not satisfied on the portal initially. The process was a sprint's worth of work, which involved a software engineer, a business analyst, and the Ushur team. Within two weeks, the team was able to prove that it would work.

Unum Group is now looking at leveraging the Invisible App™ to push out ACH payments to consumers who are eligible for a claim payment coming up. By sending a message to the consumer and allowing them to take a picture of the front of their check to read the routing number and account number, Unum Group aims to enroll them in ACH and up its digital payment adoption even further.


The adoption of AI in Unum Group has enabled the company to streamline its claims processing and improve its consumer touchpoints. By leveraging AI, Unum Group was able to reduce the time it took to collect the necessary information from claimants and improve its CSAT significantly. The success of the Ushur platform highlights the potential benefits of using AI in insurance and the importance of focusing on micro-engagements™ to improve the customer experience.

Success by the Numbers

categorization accuracy rate
reduction in service request backlog
reduction in turnaround time targets
more email pushed from onshore to offshore teams
increase in automatically routed emails

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