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Customer Spotlight: Unum wins IDC Future of CX

International Data Corporation (IDC) has recognized our customer, Unum, in the Future of Customer Experience awards for innovations in their benefits and contact center customer journeys. Unum has modernized their customer experience by digitally processing First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through text and other asynchronous channels, including Ushur’s Invisible App, instead of traditional voice phone calls.

This digital-first strategy reduced claim processing times from days to hours, with 50% of customers completing the process within 5 minutes.

Unum delivers guided, contextual, digital customer experiences that are secure and gender trust - made possible with Ushur’s Conversational AI, knowledge work automation, smart analytics and omni-channel engagement technologies.

Congratulations Unum for this well-deserved recognition! To learn more, please visit the press release.

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